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Jun 7 2018

Spanish Property Insurance For A Holiday Home In Spain

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Specialist Insurance To Protect Your Spanish Holiday Home

  • Covered whether occupied or unoccupied
  • Tailored for holiday lets
  • Theft cover, including theft by guest
  • Accidental and malicious damage cover
  • Public and employers liability
  • Straightforward English policy with UK based support

Peace of mind protection all year round

Having a holiday home in Spain is a wonderful experience, it’s easy to get to, the sunshine is almost guaranteed and you’re sure to be popular with your friends. Whether you choose the almost guaranteed sun of the Costas, Canaries or Balearics, the lure of Spain is hard to resist.

Insurance won’t be the first thing on your mind when you buy your villa or apartment, but it will when things go wrong. You need to protect your dream home in the sun. When you come to insure your Spanish holiday home take care to choose the right policy, be certain you understand what’s covered and what the restrictions are. If you’re borrowing from a local bank don’t let them force their insurance on you, unless you want it.

Schofields offer comprehensive cover for Spanish holiday homes with minimal restrictions. Everything is written in plain English so you don’t need to worry about unfamiliar insurance exclusions, language barriers or other complications that are typically associated with foreign policies. What’s more you are covered if you commercially rent out your home as a holiday let, or if your friends are staying there.

We won’t demand that you use your holiday home every month, or install complicated and expensive security systems. There’s no need to compromise on cover just because you’re not there very often.

Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive cover from Schofields is just that – comprehensive. It includes:

  • Full cover between occupancy we understand that you can’t get to your holiday home every month, and so we don’t impose occupancy restrictions.
  • No excessive security requirements we don’t insist on expensive and complicated security systems (unless the contents sum insured exceeds £40,000).
  • You have full theft insurance including theft by non-forced entry. Reassurance when you let out your holiday home, or have workers there when you’re away.
  • Adverse weather damage you’re covered for storm damage with no restrictions on reporting the damage within a tight timeframe of it occurring.
  • Swimming pool included even your pool is covered by our buildings insurance, which also includes public liability cover, at no extra cost.
  • Public liability cover of up to £5m protecting you if someone files a claim for an injury while they’re a guest at your property.
  • Employer’s liability cover up to £1m valuable protection should someone who works for you have an accident and files a claim, perhaps your gardener or cleaner.
  • Loss of rental income an accident, or a theft, could mean your home is uninhabitable. If you suffer losses relating to pre-booked lettings you will be covered for twice the contents sum insured.
  • Alternative accommodation cover we’ll cover the cost incurred in providing alternative accommodation for holidaymakers in the property at the time loss or damage occurs.
  • Travel and accommodation costs if you need to go to your holiday home in Spain to assess and minimise a claim your costs will be covered.
  • Optional accidental damage to contents cover additional protection should you or your guests cause damage at your holiday home.
  • Low excess charges our excess charges are much lower than most others. It’s just £50 on a standard claim, £250 for water or weight of snow damage and for earthquake damage the excess is just £300. You’ll find this is often a percentage of the total claim, which could amount to thousands.
  • English policy straightforward English policy with friendly UK-based claims support.

Note. no policy can cover absolutely every eventuality, and even comprehensive insurance like ours has some restrictions, but we’re completely upfront with all stipulations. Read our Policy Wording below.

Important Documents

This is a summary of cover, view or print the full terms and conditions:

Choosing house insurance in Spain: How to avoid common pitfalls

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