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Jun 21 2018

Snap! (Build Your Own Blocks) 4

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Turn your project into a standalone executable!

First Export project and save the resulting XML file. Then go to

Import Scratch 2.0 projects

Use devices with Snap! :

  • Orbotix Sphero guide by Connor Hudson and Dan Garcia
  • Lego NXT package by Connor Hudson
  • Nintendo Wiimote package by Connor Hudson
  • Finch and Hummingbird robots package by Tom Lauwers
  • Parallax S2 robot package by Connor Hudson
  • LEAP Motion by Connor Hudson
  • Speech synthesis by Connor Hudson
  • Arduino package by Alan Yorinks
  • Arduino package by Bernat Romagosa/Citilab
  • Fischertechnik ROBOTICS TXT Controller by Richard Kunze
  • Snap! for Raspberry Pi by

More Snap! extensions for CS education

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