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Aug 31 2018

Power4Vets Veteran Job Training – Placement Program, IncSys, job placement for veterans.#Job #placement #for #veterans

Power4Vets™ Veteran Job Training Placement Program

Our Mission: To help veterans start new careers in the exciting and evolving energy sector. The men and women who monitor and control the North American electric power grid are a highly specialized and highly trained group of operators who shoulder a huge responsibility. The quality of their decisions affects (1) the reliable delivery of electricity to millions of customers (2) the safety and lives of field crews and (3) the protection of multi-million dollar equipment.

At IncSys we are convinced that these important roles can and should be filled by some of the most qualified members of this country United States Military Veterans. This conviction gave rise to the Power4Vets™ training program in 2009. This multi-faceted program is designed to match the human talent needs of America’s electric power organizations with the unique skills, experience, and knowledge of United States Military Veterans.

The Power4Vets™ helps vets find the best job openings, and we also help facilitate them for those jobs by providing relevant online coursework, online simulator training, online certification prep work, personal coaching, and individualized job placement assistance.

To date we have helped over 200 veterans start or advance their careers in the power industry.

Power4Vets graduates work at 90+ different employers nationwide. The Power4Vets network of employers is growing as companies are eager to hire our students because they have applicable military experience, world-class simulator training, and the valuable NERC RC certification.

  • Online Self-­Paced
  • Simulator Training on PowerSimulator
  • 2–6 Months to complete
  • 24/7 Access from anywhere
  • Lectures, simulations, test prep
  • NERC RC Certification
  • Trained using World-­Class Simulation
  • Real-­world tested in Emergency Operations
  • Access to Network of Employers
  • Respected and valued training on Resume
  • Excellent talent pool
  • Helps save on your recruiting and staffing needs
  • Reduce new hire training time and cost
  • Advantages of unique skills of vets
  • NERC RC Certification in hand
  • Support our United States veterans

Simulator Training with PowerSimulator ™

IncSys has been the industry expert in simulation-based operator training for the past 25 years. This expertise is made available to veterans and is the most unique feature of the Power4Vets™ Program. All participants are required to train with the simulator, applying their new knowledge and skills to realistic power grids by using the same industry-leading OTS (Operator Training Simulator) that the professionals use.

Access to this sophisticated level of training sets Power4Vets apart. Drilling with PowerSimulator provides students with real-life experience that other applicants, who are seeking the same jobs, will simply not have. Power4Vets students will have tangible and applicable knowledge of real power systems.

Three Modes of Training | LEARN MORE

Students are trained using a combination of (1) Online Tutorials and (2) Simulator Exercises which are delivered within a unique online Learning Management System so the students can complete the training on their own schedule. Since the goal is to pass the NERC Certification Exam, the final step of the training provides (3) NERC Certification Prep materials. Becoming NERC Certified gives Power4Vets students an unparalleled advantage throughout the job placement process.

Job Placement Assistance

IncSys will provide students with assistance in the job search process. Power4Vets alumni are currently working at 90+ organizations nationwide. This network of supporting employers is an invaluable resource for our students. Power4Vets administrators help you find job openings and then help prepare you for both the application and interview processes.

Special Post-Employment Payment Plan

We provide the power system operations training, NERC exam preparation course, coaching resources, and job placement assistance through a unique service arrangement which ensure that veterans receive the full value of the services rendered. This arrangement is only available to veterans.

Since we are so confident that our students will pass the certification exam and obtain a job in the power industry, the veterans accepted into Power4Vets are not required to pay for the program services up front. Only after a student has obtained employment in the power industry will the tuition payment schedule begin.

Upon admission into the program, veterans will sign a service agreement for the full cost of the training ($5100). Prior to beginning training, students will only pay an initial payment of $500 (registration fee + tuition deposit). The remaining balance of the training ($4600) will become due only after employment in the power industry is obtained.

Structured payment plans depend on the salary level of the new job and range from 3-12 months. For students already employed in the industry who become NERC Certified through the program, payment schedules will also be determined by the salary level of the current or new job.

We also offer the training as a stand-alone package in the event that the student desires to just work towards NERC Certification without employment services. Please contact the program manager to get price quotes for the training as a stand-alone package.

Navy, USMC, Army, and Air Force COOL Cost Assistance | LEARN MORE

The COOL (Credentialing Opportunities On-Line) is a program that links military experience with certification, as a well as a fee voucher program for specific rates/military occupational specialties (MOS) and credentials, including NERC certification. It is another avenue to help pay for the cost to obtain your NERC Credential (only covers the cost for the certification exam). This allows you to save your GI-Bill benefit for other education expenses in the future.

IncSys Academy is licensed by the State of Washington Workforce Training and Education Coordination Board, and complies with the requirements of the Private Vocational School Act, chapters 28C.10 RCW and WAC 490-105

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