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Jul 4 2018

Medical Assistant vs CNA

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Medical Assistant vs CNA

A career in the medical field is a respectable and stable career. When getting started, it may seem that all assistant positions are the same, but they actually all perform different tasks. Before you start down the road to working in the medical field, be sure to know what tasks you would like to perform, and what tasks you would like to avoid. When considering a career as a Medical Assistant or a CNA, be sure to read their key roles to see what position is right for you. Here are some differences between a Medical Assistant vs CNA .

Featured Online Medical Assistant Schools

Medical Assistant

First things first, a position as a CNA is not the same as a MA. The position of an MA focuses on the medical care of the patient, as well as the administrative work. MA’s will administer injections, medications, and take the patients health information. MA’s will often perform office tasks as well as medical. They may gather patients information as they check in to be seen, and collect all insurance information from the patient.

Certified Nursing Assistant

As both positions may have similar tasks, a CNA has specific duties such as bathing patients, and help feeding them when needed. A CNA tends to take the role of caregiver to patients as well as help patients with medical needs. They often serve patients who need long term care and in need of help with basic hygiene maintenance. A CNA will also will tend to all bedside care of the elderly and can work in hospitals and nursing homes.

Questions to ask Before you Start

Before enrolling into classes, be sure to ask yourself these questions to know if you would like to learn how to become a Medical Assistant or CNA.

Do I want perform tasks for long term patients such as bathing, feeding, and dressing? If your answer YES, then you may want to look into a career as a CNA.

Do I want to be in charge of a collecting medical information, insurance, and a complete medical history from a patient? If your answer is YES, then a career as an MA may be best for you.

Is my main desire for a career to be in the healthcare field and administer to those in need no matter what the tasks may be? If YES, then you can’t go wrong with either of these great positions.

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