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Oct 1 2017

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SEO is an exceptional lead generation vehicle. SEO offers 24/7 exposure for a fraction of the cost of other promotional vehicles. Our proven methodologies deliver top rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. We drive leads, provide comprehensive data to monitor the effectiveness of every campaign and analyze the data to continually improve your campaign performance.

Social media marketing campaigns are designed to reach your target demographic, generate buzz and brand awareness. Social Media integration is the key to cross channel marketing. We will show you how to incorporate social media marketing into your strategic plan cost effectively.

Mobile marketing enables you to reach your customers on the go via text message or multimedia campaigns. This medium is revolutionary and growing exponentially. We can develop a mobile strategy, build your mobile campaigns, measure real-time results, and provide detailed campaign reporting and analysis.

X Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

Paid Search Marketing (PPC) is an incredible vehicle alone or in conjunction with organic search engine optimization. A multifaceted approach to effective campaign management is essential for optimal results and to ensure costs are minimized. We write compelling, actionable ads; deliver impressive click through rates and conversions, all while carefully monitoring your budget.

X Website Development

Your Website is the hub for reputation management and cross channel marketing; as such we don’t just develop Websites… We build online businesses.

Every Website development project is strategically built upon a strong foundation of marketable content. As Usability Professionals, we know what framework, features and navigational mapping work to enhance the user experience and what does not. As Marketers, we know how content and layout work to engage an audience and what does not. As Designers, we know how to visually capture the essence of your company and what will not. We work with you to build an exceptional online presence geared to grow your bottom line.

X E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is still considered to be top performing Customer Retention Management utility. Although social media is center stage, email marketing continues to be strong because it enables; market segmentation, campaign targeting, and distribution to your opt-in readership… all for pennies on the dollar. We can develop your market letters, build and segment your database, distribute and mine your data to optimize your CRM.

X Performance Monitoring

Businesses cannot effectively manage what they cannot measure. Our job is to detail the distribution of your budget allocation and to justify the costs based on performance monitoring and measurement. Our goal is to implement dynamic promotional vehicles to attract, engage and deliver sales… all within your budget.

X In-House SEO PPC Training

For companies who want to tackle SEO and PPC management in-house, we can help. We’ve taken everything we have learned over the last 14 years and developed a step by step SEO in-house training program. For additional information, we encourage you to read our program details found on our In-House SEO training content page.

X Digital Creative Planning Development

As a Digital Media Agency our talented creative staff can conceive and develop any digital creative requirement. From mobile couponing, video, WAP and multimedia presentations to total brand development. We are up for any challenge…

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