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Aug 31 2018

30 Astounding Baby Boy Room Ideas

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30 Astounding Baby Boy Room Ideas

Planning a room for your baby needs a lot of preparation and imagination to get it just right. If you know you are going to be the proud parents of a baby boy, you can do up the room accordingly. Blue is a very common choice of color for a baby boy room, and you can paint the walls of the room blue, or do the furnishings in different shades of blue. You can also go for unusual color schemes like pure white with a touch of blue, or pair warm wooden furnishings with a blue background. For any baby room getting a cool wallpaper can at once change the appearance of the space, and give it a bright and cheery feel. For the wallpaper you can try bright motifs showing animals or a jungle scene that your baby can enjoy looking at as he grows up in the baby room.

If you are looking for offbeat Baby Boy Room Ideas take your time in selecting a good baby cot. This is where the baby stays in for his rest and play, so the cot must be both sturdy and comfortable. You can also get furniture with rounded corners to make the room safe for your growing baby boy. A soft white carpet on the floor is also a great idea for the times your baby wants to venture beyond his cot. Arrange some bright hanging toys and soft cuddly toys in the cot, and your baby is sure to have a great time. If you have a tiny corner of the room for your baby boy, you can add some interesting and cute wall stickers to brighten this area. Babies love warm and happy colors, so try cheerful pastels, or pretty shades so that the baby can spend time in a world of colors, light, and magic. Make your baby boy s growing up a beautiful experience by arranging for him a comfortable and interesting baby boy room.

Modern Baby Room

A sleek wooden baby cot sits on one side while a soft and fluffy white carpet lies on the floor. See the abstract patterned wallpaper in this modern baby room.

Baby Boy Room Design

Polka fot patterns and bold geometric stripes in brown, yellow, and pale blue are the high points of this cheerful baby boy room.

Baby Blue

Soothing shades of blue, white, and brown play in this large baby boy room while the sunlight through the open window makes its special magic.

Red And White Room

A bright color theme of red and white marks this cute baby room with soft panda cuddly toys lying about for the baby to play with.

Cute Baby Boy Room

The cars, ships, and aeroplanes done in applique designs on the mattresses and furnishings look great in this baby boy room.

Jungle Theme Room

Elegant wooden baby cots with curves sit in this beautiful room for two babies. Check out the artistic wallpaper showing a colorful painted jungle scene.

Baby Boy Room Idea

This simple baby boy room has a rich wooden baby cot with a blue mattress. Check out the soothing light brown walls and cute wall stickers.

Awesome Wallpaper

Gorgeous blue walls, bright toys, and furniture with rounded edges completes the look for this growing baby boy s room. Check out the cheerful lighting arrangement.

Dreamy Baby Boy Room

The traditional heavy wooden baby cot is complete with a rhyme theme colorful wallpaper in this baby room.

Wildlife Fun

Rich green forest themes of the wallpaper make a beautiful contrast with the pale wooden shade of the baby cot.

Sea Adventure Baby Room

Wave splash designs give a sea theme to this baby boy room with a traditional rich wooden cot and a pretty patterned lampshade completing the design.

Baby Boy Nursery

The traditional wooden baby cot at the center of this baby room goes perfectly with the cute animals theme wallpaper.

Exciting Baby Room Decor

Shades of light blue tell you at once this is a baby boy room, while the tortoise motifs on the curtains and mattresses give a playful feel.

Happy Baby Room

Done up with paired polished wooden cots and a bright wallpaper this baby room is perfect for two baby boys.

Nursery Pastel Shades

A soft pistachio green shade colors the walls of this baby room done up in soothing pastels. The large and curvy baby cot complete the elegant design.

Baby Playtime

This unusual baby boy room gets bold with delicate pink for the baby cot while a colorful animal theme cushion peeks out of a corner.

Small Baby Room

This small baby room looks cozy with a rich brown wooden floor. Check out the crib with guards on the sides and the cushy single sofa.

Soothing For The Baby

Beautiful white walls are matched to the crib and comfortable pillows in this soothing baby room. The delicate lampshade is ideal to provide light at night.

Baby Boy Crib

A large baby cot with rounded railings is perfectly safe for this baby boy to rest in and play. See the colorful alphabets poster on the wall.

Darling Room

Large and airy furniture sits in this attractive baby boy room while curtains with cute bird and butterfly motifs add a cheerful touch.

Blue For My Baby Boy

Everything from the walls,to the mattress, to the crib cloth are shaded blue in this baby boy room. The large wooden cot is just right for a growing baby.

Natural Baby Room

Soothing shades off beige and green mark this elegant nature theme baby room with the sun providing a lot of warmth.

Classic Baby Rooom

Car theme blankets and a green mattress look colorful in this baby boy room with a sturdy white baby cot on one side.

New Style Baby Room

Warm wooden fittings and crib decor come together with light blue walls in this baby safe room. Check out the furniture with soft rounded corners.

Fresh Baby Room Design

Styled in a classy white design with touches of gray this modern baby boy room has a blue clock and a blue cushion for a bright effect.

Baby Bright Colors

Blue walls go well with the bright embroidered quilts and mattresses in this colorful baby boy room.

Cloth Decorations Baby Room

Pretty cloth decorations in white and pink are the high points of this cozy baby room. Check out the cute pictures on the wall adding to the soft look.

Safe Baby Room

A baby cot all in white looks beautiful with colored decorations and toys to complete the cheerful look.

Baby Room Patterns

Pretty gray wallpaper and a white baby cot complete the decor of this small baby room. Check out the comfortable cushion and toys in the cot.

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